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Shasta "Spring King" Mushroom Foray

  • Sat, May 18, 2024
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Mt. Shasta Area


  • Start location: Weed, CA or nearby.

Shasta "Spring King" Mushroom Forays

This is a guided mushroom foray with Max Hunter, where you have time to ask questions and learn how to find edible wild mushrooms.  We will take you to pre-scouted locations to look for "Spring Kings" (Boletus rex-veris), and possibly other Boletus species, which pop up during a few weeks in the Spring when rain and conditions are right.  These delicious fungi can be prolific in the Shasta area. 

We will probably meet folks in Weed, or nearby, but I'll be sending out an email update a few days ahead of the foray with final details.

Foray leader:  Max Hunter

What you will learn:

  • How to recognize the habitat for boletes, and other fungi
  • Indicator plants and other fungi that typically signal Boletes are nearby
  • Identifying look-alike's that are NOT the desired types of boletes (there's a few that are edible, but not as good, and a few that will make you sick, but none of them are deadly toxic).
  • Cooking instructions and Storage and dehydration tips
  • Permits are not necessary as long as you're not selling your mushrooms

Details will be emailed to you the week before the foray.   And you can email me questions any time:

Foray organizer:  Ken Buegeleisen

Exact locations will be determined after scouting the Shasta area next week.  So, an exact meet-up location will be sent by email the a few days before your foray.  We meet at 10am, and will lead the group (in your own cars) to one or two locations to forage for wild mushrooms.   Bring a lunch for the trail if you wish.  We usually are back to the cars around 2pm or so.  

Be prepared for moderate hiking, weather changes, and possible rain.  Boots and layered clothing is best.  And bring a mushroom basket!

Boletes  "Spring King" boletes emerge later in the season than morels, so its possible to find morels in nearby past forest fires, or sometimes they are both in the same spots.  Edible puffball mushrooms (Calvatia sculpta) and various cup fungi are also fairly common.

We also highly recommend downloading a GPS app on your phone like GAIA or AllTrails to track your location in the forest, so you don't get lost or turned around.  Other useful apps like iNaturalist can help you identify mushrooms and plants you may find.

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