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Walk in the woods

Morel forays are posted!

Thu, March 23, 2023 12:17 PM | Ken Buegeleisen (Administrator)

Spring 2023 Morel forays will focus on the Forest Hill area where the Mosquito fire occurred last Fall.  We will be looking for "burn morels" in the national forest area, far away from any towns or buildings that were destroyed by this fire covering 80,000 acres (no injuries or fatalities reported for this fire, thank goodness!).  Best place to stay overnight is Auburn or northern Sacramento, and we'll probably start the foray in Forest Hill at 10am.

I will be scouting the area ahead of time, and until then we won't know for sure where we are going.  So I'll send emails about a week ahead of each foray with details of where we're going.

At the end of the season, mid June probably, we'll probably go to the Pollock Pines area and Mormon Emigrant Trail (MET).  Morels often like the disturbed areas caused by the logging near the roads after the 2021 fires there.  So the MET area is likely to be very productive for the next year or two.

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